NPI provides sourcing advisory services
that help clients optimize IT, telecom and
supply chain transportation spend.

Category expertise + Market data = More value for less money


NPI’s mission is to protect our clients from overspending in specific cost categories so their budgets go farther and yield more profit, and to help our clients harness sourcing’s power to drive more value for the business.
We are specialists with deep category expertise, vendor-specific market intelligence, vendor-specific purchasing expertise, and proven ability to identify gaps that can translate into value for our clients.
NPI’s vision is to become an integrated part of the sourcing process for every enterprise that has material spend in the cost categories we cover – IT, telecom and supply chain transportation.
Business leaders in IT, Procurement, Logistics and Finance use NPI to help them define and achieve a higher standard of strategic sourcing excellence that encompasses cost savings, value creation, risk mitigation, category management and vendor management.

Some Categories Are Particularly Opaque – We Started with IT


NPI was founded in 2002 by former IT vendor executives who knew first-hand that even the most sophisticated buyers leave a lot of value on the table because they don’t have easy access to real-time, vendor-specific market data to assure that they are getting competitive pricing and terms.
The idea was to serve as a buyer’s advocate in the IT market, making it much easier for clients to get a fair price, buy only what they really need, build in provisions for evolving business requirements and hold vendors accountable for their promises.
Ten years later our practice has grown to encompass additional categories, as well as additional advisory, research, analytic, consulting and auditing capabilities.
We have advised over 400 clients, and reviewed billions of dollars in spend across almost every industry. In an era where globalization, eCommerce and mobility are driving increased demand for IT, telecom and transportation, and where external validation is increasingly required for compliance and governance, NPI’s growth is accelerating.




One of the watchwords that has guided NPI from the beginning is “easy.”
Our services are designed to make it easier for clients to achieve best-in-class sourcing in complex, opaque spend categories. Easier to verify that pricing and terms are competitive. Easier to accelerate sourcing events to support business goals. Easier to identify gaps in processes and governance so they can be eliminated. Easier to make tactical and strategic improvements to the sourcing function.
And NPI’s results-based engagement model is designed to be easy for clients to approve.

Extreme Client Satisfaction


Over the past 10 years, NPI has advised hundreds of clients who will attest to our effectiveness.
NPI’s team shares a commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations in every way:

  • Capabilities and adaptability
  • Results – hard currency and soft currency; immediate and sustainable
  • Professionalism and timeliness
  • Deep respect for supplier relationships
  • Clarity of communication
  • Ease of doing business
    We are passionate about being a strategic sourcing partner that our clients are proud to have selected.


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