Telecom Expense Management Consulting

What’s the fastest way to achieve significant telecom cost reduction without disruption? NPI has the answer.

Many enterprises overpay by 30 percent or more on elements of their telecom spend. That’s because telecom costs are notoriously difficult to manage. Network, voice, data and conferencing costs span multiple providers and it’s impossible to keep track of constantly changing services, plans and usage requirements.

Spend in the telecom category is usually decentralized, so enterprises lose the leverage of consolidated volume.

Telecom expense management tools and corporate wireless expense management services are effective at finding billing errors and performing day-to-day provisioning and service selection tuning, but the savings are typically nominal with little effect on the bottom line. Is there a way to make a bigger telecom cost reduction impact? Yes!

High-Impact Telecom Expense Management Services

The primary objective of NPI’s telecom expense consulting services is to help our clients pay fair market value prices for all telecom services, capitalize on the right programs and incentives, and ensure that your telecom programs and services are aligned with – and optimized for – your business needs. Our approach regularly helps clients achieve cost savings of 20 to 50 percent for their wireline and wireless services.

We focus on two specific, high-yield elements of telecom optimization and telecom cost control that are non-disruptive and deliver the most savings over the longest period of time:

Carrier Contract Optimization

  • NPI will help you optimize pricing/rates, discounts, credits and business terms. If you haven’t optimized your carrier agreements in the last 18 months, if you have grown significantly or if you have satisfied your minimal annual revenue commitment (MARC), now is the time to re-optimize your carrier contracts. We’ll also assess whether your carriers have complied with all of the cost-related terms of your current agreements – you’d be surprised how many times rebate and credit incentives, rates and discounts have not been correctly applied!

Subscription and Service Optimization

  • NPI will help you select the optimal plans and services based on actual and forecasted usage, and groom zero-use lines and services. This aspect of telecom cost reduction analysis typically delivers savings in the ballpark of 10 to 25 percent.

NPI’s Telecom Expense Management services deliver the following benefits:

  • Ensure you’re receiving the best possible rates, discounts, credits and contract terms
  • Align service selection with current and forecasted usage requirements
  • Minimize or eliminate under/overbuying, overage charges and penalties for full lifecycle management of costs
  • Groom zero-use lines and services
  • Avoid disruption and risk – contract optimization doesn’t require switching carriers to reduce costs

NPI telecommunication cost reduction consultants perform the carrier contract negotiations for most clients, including RFP development and management if necessary, making it even easier for clients to realize savings.

Telecom Cost Reduction Examples

NPI has a distinguished track record of successful telecom cost reduction performance. Recent cost optimization consulting projects include:

  • Optimized $5.5 million in spend across six carriers for a regional bank, resulting in $1.2 million in year one savings
  • Optimized $18 million in spend across three carriers for an energy company, resulting in $2.2 million in year one savings
  • Optimized $15 million in spend across four carriers for a national retailer, resulting in $1.8 million in year one savings
  • Optimized $30 million in spend across four carriers for a global electronics manufacturer, resulting in $3.5 million in year one savings
  • Generated over $16.6M in savings on approximately $45M in telecom spend (36% savings). This spend crossed multiple carriers and includes MPLS WAN, SIP, DIA, Legacy Voice, and Wireless services
  • Benchmarked, advised, and either negotiated directly or delivered negotiation support on over $50M in network services spend for this client. NPI findings have generated over $9M (18%) in savings

NPI brought a deep understanding of traditional and wireless carrier agreements and invaluable market intelligence to help manage our fragmented telecom spend. The results provided a 32 percent savings over last year’s spending.
CIO, Global Media Company

We are a 100-hospital network with highly distributed network spend. NPI discovered that aggregate spend on MPLS, broadband, private line, Ethernet and dedicated bandwidth services was over $14 million. They helped us cut that by 20% and we saved $15 million over the three-year term of our new carrier agreements. They also helped us groom other telecom spend and uncovered another $5 million in savings. These are really meaningful results for a hospital system with tremendous cost pressure.
CIO, Large Hospital System

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