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The Latest News On IT Sourcing

  • More on Microsoft Product Terms: Per Core/CAL, Server/CAL and Per Core Dan Brewster
    Director of Client Services, Microsoft, NPI

    As part of our continuing discussion on Microsoft Product Terms, let’s focus on the following popular licensing models: Per Core/CAL, Server/CAL and Per Core. Note: This post is third in a series on the terms and conditions found in Microsoft’s Product Terms document – be sure to check out my previous posts here and here....

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  • White Box Servers – Are They Worth Considering? NPI 11.01.18

    As server hardware becomes increasingly commoditized, NPI finds enterprise clients looking for ways to lower costs in this area. One solution is the use of white box servers. White box servers are data center servers that are not manufactured by a brand name vendor such as Dell, HPE, Cisco UCS or Lenovo. However, plenty of...

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  • Microsoft O365 F1 – Finally a More Useful K1/K2 Replacement! Joshua Osborne
    Director of Client Services – Microsoft, NPI

    This year, Microsoft introduced O365 F1 – “a new offering that brings together Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security to deliver a complete, intelligent solution to empower all workers.” This offering is a replacement for the O365 K1/K2 SKUs. The O365 K1/K2 SKU offering was created years ago, mostly as a new...

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  • 4 Questions to Ask Before a Cisco Contract Negotiation Rich Staas
    Director of Client Services, NPI

    Have a Cisco purchase or renewal coming up? Here are four questions to ask prior to any Cisco contract negotiation: #1: Is your reseller incented to get you the best deal? Resellers get paid a percentage of the list price of your purchase. Their compensation is the same no matter the discount you receive. Also,...

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  • Microsoft Step-up License: Step Up and Get Your Money’s Worth! Cindy Barron-Taylor
    Director of Client Services, Microsoft, NPI

    Reducing TCO is an ongoing challenge for Microsoft customers especially as the enterprise Microsoft estate expands. Enter the Microsoft Step-up License. For some customers, it’s a helpful (and cost-effective) way to “grow” into Microsoft’s more advanced technologies.

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  • Understanding the Microsoft EA True-Up Process Dan Brewster
    Director of Client Services, Microsoft, NPI

    The Microsoft EA true-up process may seem straightforward, but – like many things pertaining to Microsoft – there’s room for confusion (and overspending) if not expertly navigated. Here’s an overview of how the Microsoft EA true-up process works.

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