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  • 05.5.17

    Doing a Large-Volume PC Refresh in 2017? Start Here. Kristian Tuinzing
    Client Services Manager, NPI

    With the first quarter of 2017 behind us, the PC market continues to be ripe with advantages for both buyers and vendors. Analysts offer differing estimates on whether overall PC shipments increased or declined in 2016 – but all estimates of the change year-over-year are nominal. Analyst group IDC reported that PC shipments actually gained...

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  • 05.3.17

    Microsoft: Roaming Use Rights Discontinued Dan Brewster
    Director of Client Services – Microsoft, NPI

    Roaming Use Rights for the Windows Enterprise operating system and the Windows VDA licenses are discontinued on January 31, 2017 or at the end of a customer’s existing enrollment (whichever is later). What are the implications for you if you’ve recently lost Roaming Use Rights for these products? It probably makes sense to first understand...

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  • 04.26.17

    Some Probable (and Maybe Far-flung) IT Sourcing Predictions Jon Winsett
    CEO, NPI

    How will IT sourcing fare in 2017? The team here at NPI had fun with this brainstorm back in January. While we had no intention of publicizing the conversation at the time, I just came across my notes and found some of the insights to be interesting. Some of our predictions seemed a little far-fetched...

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  • 04.19.17

    Court Ruling Prompts Warning for SAP Customers Rich Staas
    Director of Client Services, NPI

    IT vendor audits are a fact of life these days – a fact made more difficult because compliance has become somewhat of a moving target. It can be a full-time job managing your entitlements and matching them with your license utilization. For SAP customers, that job is getting more difficult and risky, especially as it...

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  • 04.13.17

    Want More Savings From MPLS? Try Burstable. Matt West
    Director of Telecommunication Services, NPI

    When MPLS was introduced as a replacement to Frame Relay in the late 1990s, it was deployed in much the same way. Customer Edge (CE) routers were connected to Provider Edge (PE) routers with a fixed bandwidth access line and a fixed bandwidth port speed that generally matched the access line. The only variable was...

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  • 03.31.17

    Which ServiceNow Implementation Partner is Best for You? Gregg Spivack
    Director of Client Services, NPI

    I recently wrote a blog post on how to get a quick ROI on your ServiceNow purchase. Part of that is narrowing the time to value, and that starts with employing the right implementation strategy and partner. In this post, I’d like to focus on the latter. Using an experienced implementation vendor is a must....

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