• Over the next 12 months, companies will overpay for 65% of their IT purchases.

    Will yours be one of them?

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  • Optimizing software licensing requires specialized expertise.

    Put NPI’s resources to work.

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  • Microsoft enterprise purchases are high-spend, high-stakes.

    Our Microsoft licensing experts are game-changers.

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Lift the veil on market price for IT purchases.

NPI provides transaction-specific pricing analysis and negotiation intel that empowers you to make best-in-class purchases every time.

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  • Validate

    Objectively determine whether you have a best-in-class offer and if not, quantify – and close – the gaps.

  • Optimize

    Define the licensing, subscription and business terms that best fit your company’s needs.

  • Negotiate

    Walk into your next IT purchase negotiation armed with vendor-specific intel and leverage.

  • Align

    Get your IT buying team on the same page and working toward a defined, shared target outcome.

Good news for anyone who makes IT purchasing decisions.

  • Business Stakeholders

  • Sourcing Professionals

  • IT Sourcing Specialists

  • IT Stakeholders

For everyone on this spectrum, NPI's transaction-level pricing analysis and negotation intel boosts knowledge, confidence, cycle times and savings.


NPI has an 88% renewal rate.

See why our clients keep coming back for more.

  • NPI demonstrated their Microsoft expertise quickly and really helped us get a good deal.



  • We really like the defined savings target that NPI gives us for each purchase, and the negotiation insights. We measure ourselves on attaining the savings that NPI identifies for us.

    Executive Director, IT Sourcing

    Financial Services Client

  • The expertise of NPI’s people is really valuable to us, and they’re flexible and responsive.

    VP & CPO

    Healthcare Client

  • NPI is our secret weapon – we negotiate based on the analysis they provide and it really boosts our effectiveness.

    VP, IT Operations

    Energy Client

Let our clients' success turn you into a believer.

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