Enterprise License Agreement Optimization Consulting

With licensing experts and price benchmark analysis on your side of the table, you can save millions on EA purchases and renewals.

For decades, IT vendors have profited from complex software licensing and subscription models. Today, those models are changing at breakneck speed. And so are your IT requirements as digital transformation drives deeper and wider IT investment, and migration to the cloud continues with stunning velocity.

These factors can lead companies to spend more than they should on enterprise software license agreement purchases and renewals, and miss opportunities to reduce risk.

NPI helps you overcome these challenges through our Enterprise License Agreement Optimization Consulting services. For more than 15 years, we’ve helped companies eliminate overspending on EA purchases and renewals, and liberate millions of IT budget dollars. NPI’s vendor-specific licensing experts help you:

  • Understand your licensing options and their pros and cons
  • Understand the cost and licensing implications of environmental factors (for example, virtualization, indirect access and core vs. processor)
  • Develop decision-support cost models for licensing scenarios
  • Utilize all of these inputs to define a licensing strategy that is optimal for your technical and business environment for the duration of the EA term
  • Buy only what you need
  • Select the best-fit license types for your user profiles
  • Match costs to deployment plans
  • Build in protections that reduce risk over the term of the agreement
  • Define a vendor-aware negotiation strategy and align your buying team
  • Capture negotiating leverage in the move from on-premise to cloud
  • Utilize price benchmark analysis to assure a best-in-class deal

NPI is not a reseller. We are advisors that are 100% focused on helping you optimize cost, licensing and risk in your enterprise agreements.

Typical Vendors for Enterprise License Agreement Optimization Consulting Services

Microsoft is the #1 vendor that clients bring to NPI for EA optimization services – it’s our superpower.

Other top vendors include SAP, Oracle and IBM. For some clients VMware and Salesforce.com have now reached a level of complexity – and spend – that requires correspondingly robust licensing analysis and strategy.

Mainframe software maintenance agreements are another important target for optimization. Usually these renewals are on autopilot, and multiple products are aggregated into a single fee. NPI performs line-item analysis that can reveal shocking overpayments, and material opportunities for cost reduction.


For example, one client learned their IBM Tivoli spend was off-the-charts over market – but it had been hidden for so long under a broader, bundled maintenance fee that there was no visibility into this anomaly. That client was able to save over $500,000 annually on Tivoli alone.

The “usual suspects” in this category include IBM, CA Technologies, BMC, Software AG, Compuware and Allen Systems Group. These vendors provide hundreds of mainframe software products (WebSphere, FileNet, Rational, TRIRAGA, DB2…) representing thousands of line item product codes (EOD92LL, EOD93LL, EOD95LL, EOD96LL…).

FAQ: How are NPI’s EA optimization services packaged and priced?

NPI provides these services on a fixed fee basis. We develop a custom quote matched precisely to your needs.

When Should You Optimize?

Enterprise license agreement optimization can happen at any time, but the biggest drivers are true-ups, renewals, large-scale new vendor purchases and deal restructuring due to merger and divestiture activity. Too often, companies approach these events assuming their current licensing/subscription choices and base counts are accurate. Surprisingly, in most instances, that’s not the case. Vendors introduce new licensing and subscription programs (and pricing), user requirements change, workforce numbers expand and contract, interdependencies in IT infrastructure evolve – these are just a few reasons why companies should optimize their enterprise agreements.

If you have an EA renewal or enterprise-scale purchase on the horizon, it’s important to begin optimization early – ideally six months in advance and at least two months. Sufficient timing, and access to NPI’s vendor-specific licensing experts, will ensure your enterprise agreement meets your unique (and evolving) user requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Are your enterprise agreements optimized? Let’s talk.