Get the best deal on every IT purchase and renewal.

NPI provides actionable, transaction-specific information that eliminates IT buying blind spots.

Fueled by disruption, digital transformation and cloud migration, enterprise IT spend gets bigger, more complex and more strategic every day. Buyers want to ensure the business receives maximum value for every IT budget dollar invested, and the prices paid are fair and competitive.

But the painful truth is, over the next 12 months, enterprises will overpay for 85% of their IT purchases.  Why? Because IT pricing and terms are notoriously inconsistent.

NPI was founded in 2003 by former enterprise IT vendor executives who knew firsthand that even the most sophisticated IT buyers leave a lot of value on the table. There’s no “Kelley Blue Book” to validate fair market value. Vendor licensing, subscription and program choices are exceedingly complex. And, just when you get a handle on them, they change. The mission: Help enterprises eliminate these blind spots and level the playing field.

Fast forward to today: NPI analyzes billions of dollars of spend annually for clients in all industries that invest heavily in IT and telecom. Our team has grown to over 300 people, and NPI’s service portfolio has expanded in lockstep with clients’ needs – now spanning five practice areas.

NPI Service Portfolio


IT Price Benchmark Analysis and Negotiation Intel

Subscription service provides transaction-specific analysis and negotiation playbooks to help you get the best deal on IT purchases and renewals. LEARN MORE


Enterprise License Agreement Optimization Consulting

Vendor-specific analysis, decision support and intel to help you buy the best-match offerings at the best price and terms from vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. LEARN MORE


Telecom Cost Optimization Consulting

Analysis and advisory services to align telecom carrier agreements with decreasing market prices; optimize plans and usage; identify and eliminate stranded spend. LEARN MORE


Software License Audit Services

Internal license position assessments to proactively identify and eliminate compliance risk, and audit defense services to minimize or eliminate penalties. LEARN MORE


Divestiture and Merger IT Asset Rationalization

Services, methodology and tools to negotiate with vendors to split large IT estates apart (or combine them), and meet pressing divestiture and merger deadlines. LEARN MORE


IT Sourcing Transformation Consulting

Guidance, frameworks and decision support to help you establish and execute your vision for IT sourcing excellence. LEARN MORE

Measurable Results, Quality, Neutrality and Integrity

NPI clients regularly realize
7-figure savings.

At NPI, we are passionate about being a partner our clients are proud to have selected. Professionalism, integrity, skillful collaboration with client stakeholders, and crystal-clear ROI drive every engagement. NPI is vendor and carrier neutral – we are not a reseller or agent, we have no financial relationship with carriers or vendors, and we are 100% focused on the interests of our clients.

Ask our clients what makes NPI different and they’ll tell you:

  • Unmatched, dedicated vendor expertise. Most of our clients have excellent sourcing teams and processes. What they lack are dedicated vendor specialists that can optimize, benchmark and develop unique purchase optimization strategies for every major IT vendor. It’s simply not practical for most companies to staff that kind of in-house expertise. NPI fills this gap with 300+ deep subject matter experts that are involved in vendor-specific sourcing events every day.
  • Intel you can use to drive immediate, material savings and IT sourcing effectiveness. NPI combines deep analytics with benchmark data, insight into supplier (and supplier channel) motivations, and what peer buyers are doing. We then arm our clients with the information and confidence they need to optimize the licensing, cost, business terms and compliance position of each sourcing event.
  • Actionable intel and measurable ROI. Our intel is actionable, customized and documented so your IT buyers can cut costs, validate deal competitiveness, make smart licensing/subscription decisions, turbo-charge contract negotiations and reduce compliance risk.

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