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The Latest IT Sourcing News

  • How To Maximize IT Renewal Savings During Contract Negotiation NPI 03.16.22

    There are almost always opportunities to save on an IT renewal, but it calls for a bit of forensic analysis to reveal your options. Preparation is key – and it needs to begin months before the expiration of your current term! Questions to ask and data points to collect include...

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  • Changes to Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server Kevin Glunt
    Director of Client Services – Microsoft, NPI

    Microsoft recently expanded the rights for Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. For customers not familiar with Azure Hybrid Benefit, it’s a licensing benefit that allows you to use your on-premises Software Assurance-enabled Windows Server and SQL Server licenses on Azure. The cost benefits are attractive to customers and it’s just one more way Microsoft is trying to convince customers to run their software on Azure.

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  • In the Market for Data Science Software? Ask Vendors These Questions Before You Buy. Gregg Spivack
    Vice President of Client Services, NPI

    Data science software is a hot market. How hot? As things stand currently, VCs are racing to support the hypergrowth happening across the vendor landscape, and new AI solutions are cropping up daily to solve problems ranging from inventory forecasting to fraud detection (and everything outside and in between). Meanwhile, enterprise interest in data science...

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