IT role
IT leaders are laser-focused on:
  • IT infrastructure that runs like a Swiss watch
  • IT strategy that is a competitive differentiator
  • Funded projects that get done right and make a difference
  • Maximum business value for the company’s IT investment
  Throughout the year, hundreds of IT and telecom purchases and renewals underpin these strategic focal points. Today’s IT decision-makers want to make confident purchase decisions as quickly as possible.   And most IT leaders can name at least two unfunded projects they wish they could tackle.   To get an extra edge, they come to NPI to optimize their technology and telecom spend. Sensitive IT vendor management and IT benchmarking are crucial. Results include:
  • Material reduction in annual IT and telecom spend under NPI advisory services
  • Savings are typically repurposed to fund additional projects, which means the IT budget delivers more value to the business
  • Shorter decision cycles because of access to market data and expert advice
  • Better agreements with strategic suppliers – built-in flexibility for the long term
  • Less time spent on sourcing; more time devoted to strategy and delivery

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