For large enterprises, voice is typically an area of cost leakage.
Unused assets consume budget dollars year after year, volume discounts
are untapped, and carriers don't proactively apply price reductions.

These leaks can be stopped quickly.

The voice sector of telecom is fraught with inconsistency in pricing and terms. Local and long distance carriers have a long history of overcharging for their services and, as the marketplace commoditizes (and migrates to VoIP), costs are coming down dramatically. But carriers don’t proactively drive new programs and pricing to their customers – unless enterprises regularly assess their carrier pricing, spend stays on auto-pilot.

And, that’s just half the battle. As companies grow, contract, move, merge, acquire and divest, they often fail to keep an accurate inventory of their voice assets. In many cases, enterprises pay a substantial portion of their overall spend to unused assets – ranging from business lines to phone systems. Because most enterprises don’t have a consolidated view of their voice investment to leverage, they also can’t capitalize fully on volume discount opportunities.

NPI performs strategic sourcing reviews to identify and eliminate overspending on voice infrastructure and services. We also offer TEM Managed Services for clients that want to outsource telecom expense management business processes.

NPI helps clients reduce the cost of:

VOIP/SIP Services
  • SIP Trunks (Local, Long Distance, Bundled)
  • IP Toll Free
  Communication as a Service
  • Hosted PBX
  • Hybrid
  Voice Hardware
  • PBX
  • HCD
  • Etc...
  Local Exchange Services
  • POTS Line Aggregation
  • Metered and Flat Rate Usage
  • Integrated Billing Platforms

Long Distance Services
  • Dedicated/PRI Access to LD Services
  • Interstate (Ded-Ded, Ded-Sw, Sw-Ded, and Sw-Sw)
  • Intrastate (Ded-Ded, Ded-Sw, Sw-Ded, and Sw-Sw)
  • IntraLata (Ded-Ded, Ded-Sw, Sw-Ded, and Sw-Sw)

Toll Free Services
  • Dedicated/PRI Access to LD Services
  • Interstate (Dedicated, Switched)
  • Intrastate (Dedicated, Switched)
  • IntraLata (Dedicated, Switched)
  • Advanced Toll Free Features (Hosted IVR, Automated Attendant, etc)
  • VoIP Services
  • Toll Free IP (LD IP, Hosted VoIP)

Conferencing Services
  • Self-service and Assisted Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Investor Relations Conferencing
  • Rates, Bundles and Discounts

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