ServiceNow License Management Optimization Consultants

NPI Helps You Eliminate Overspending and Overbuying on ServiceNow

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your ServiceNow Purchases and Renewals

ServiceNow’s business is changing – and, for the most part, that’s a good thing for customers. The downside? Changes in ServiceNow licensing and offerings make it difficult to manage ServiceNow license cost across the enterprise. Purchases and renewals have become more complex and risky – a perfect recipe for customer overspending and overbuying.

NPI helps you eliminate this risk in the following ways:

  • Determine and negotiate pricing targets that are at or better than market. ServiceNow takes a rational approach to pricing, but pricing and discount disparity between customers is a common occurrence. NPI conducts price benchmark analysis on your ServiceNow quote to identify how pricing and discounts stack up against market and, if not optimal, to define specific targets to bring them into alignment. This helps customers lower ServiceNow license cost per user while getting the most value from their ServiceNow investment.
  • Optimize ServiceNow licensing based on your current and future-state requirements. Keeping up with changes to ServiceNow license types, offerings and pricing models is a challenge. Which ServiceNow license model is best for your requirements? What do you need to know about ServiceNow Discovery licensing? What’s the difference between a ServiceNow ITSM Professional license versus Standard? Which ServiceNow ITIL license option is best for your user profile? How will recent changes to the ServiceNow license structure impact your spend? NPI cuts through the complexity with deep licensing expertise and transparency to help you optimize licensing and cost.

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5 Ways ServiceNow's New Direction Increases Customer Spend

  • Rein in implementation costs. ServiceNow solution implementation is complex, large-scale and high-cost. Success is dependent on detailed planning, stakeholder alignment, implementation partner selection (ServiceNow professional services or third-party), and cost optimization. NPI also benchmarks and skillfully negotiates this element of ServiceNow spend for optimal cost control.
  • Align spend with solution readiness. ServiceNow offers a variety of solution options and bundles – all of which are engineered to follow the vendor’s recommended adoption process. That process includes discovery, service mapping, event management, orchestration and more. While this methodology is useful for customers, it also primes them for buying more than they actually need or expanding their ServiceNow footprint before they’re ready. Prior to executing a renewal or new purchase, NPI helps customers align their costs with their rollout plans.

ServiceNow Licensing Explained, Cost Reductions Delivered to Your Enterprise

Performing price benchmark analysis and software license optimization is the best way to assure you don’t overbuy or overpay. As ServiceNow aims to increase revenue per customer and margins, NPI brings transparency to the vendor’s changing licensing landscape.

We help our clients identify how quoted pricing stacks up against market, identify gaps, and determine specific targets to achieve deal pricing that’s at or below fair market value.

Recent examples of savings NPI has helped enterprise customers achieve:

Insurance 42%
Logistics 24%
Technology 18%
Media & Communications 16%
Banking 15%

The NPI Difference

NPI’s work is rooted in professionalism, integrity, skillful collaboration with client stakeholders, and crystal-clear ROI. We are not a reseller or agent. Our guidance is 100% objective and focused solely on the best interests of your business. With NPI, you can expect:

Unmatched, dedicated
vendor expertise.

It’s simply not practical for companies to staff dedicated vendor specialists for every major IT vendor. NPI fills this gap with 300+ deep subject matter experts.

Intel that drives material savings and IT sourcing effectiveness.

NPI provides transaction-specific insight into best-in-class pricing and business terms, and gives IT buyers vendor-specific negotiation intel that identifies points of leverage.

Actionable advice and
measurable ROI.

Our analysis and recommendations are precise; helping you cut costs, optimize licensing and subscriptions, and turbo-charge negotiations.