NPI Announces Alliance with CAUCUS to Deliver New Resources to IT Procurement Professionals

ATLANTA – November 29, 2021 – NPI, the leader in data-driven actionable intelligence for getting the best deal on enterprise IT purchases, today announces an alliance with CAUCUS to make new resources available to IT procurement professionals to increase effectiveness in support of digital transformation. CAUCUS’s mission is to promote and support excellence and professionalism among IT procurement professionals.

“Digital transformation is driving business-critical IT spend like a bullet train, creating an incredible opportunity for IT procurement professionals to expand their impact,” says NPI CEO Jon Winsett. “Technology has become the most important enabler for competitive companies. IT buyers that meet this reality with new standards of excellence will contribute directly to the top line and the bottom line.”

Higher IT purchasing volume and spend is the current reality for most large enterprises. IT procurement professionals are under growing pressure to accelerate purchasing cycles, right-size purchases for current and future-state requirements, optimize flexibility, and assure competitive pricing. To meet these challenges, companies are investing more in IT sourcing proficiency through third-party training and education, price benchmark analysis, and vendor-specific subject matter experts. NPI and CAUCUS will be collaborating to make it easier to access these resources and more, with emphasis on digital delivery.

“For professionals wanting to improve their IT sourcing capabilities, or redesign their internal negotiation process, or get ahead of their IT purchases or renewals, a comprehensive skills development program must be established. And if you want to structure a world-class negotiation, you need deal-specific data and intelligence,” says Robert Wright, Principal at ICN, the owner of CAUCUS. “We believe the unique combination of skill development, negotiation intel, and pricing and commercial term benchmarks are the best way to achieve world class outcomes, and we’re excited about working with NPI to make it easier for IT buyers to access these resources.”

The first outcome of this alliance will be virtual events for enterprises’ most critical areas of IT spend. In Q1 2022, events will focus on Microsoft and cloud spend.

“This is just the beginning of our work together. Digital transformation is underway for IT procurement too, and we are at the forefront of that opportunity,” commented Winsett.  “Advancing the art and science of IT procurement is our mission, and technology is one of the enablers.”

About NPI
NPI is an IT procurement advisory and intelligence company that helps businesses identify and eliminate overspending on IT purchases. We deliver transaction-level price benchmark analysis, license optimization advice and vendor-specific negotiation intel that enables IT buying teams to drive measurable savings.  NPI analyzes billions of dollars in spend each year for clients spanning all industries that invest heavily in IT.  NPI also offers software license audit, divestiture IT asset assignment and telecom carrier agreement optimization services. For more information, visit

CAUCUS is the only association that is exclusively dedicated to serving the specialized needs of the technology acquisition professional—the person responsible for negotiating and managing contracts with suppliers of technology products and services.

CAUCUS members come from a variety of skill levels and disciplines from all sectors of the economy, including procurement, finance, legal, information technology and contract management. Member organizations vary from single-practitioner shops to large, highly specialized departments.  For more information, visit


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