IT Procurement Consulting Service

Spend less upfront. Spend less at renewal time. Purchase only what you need.

Eliminate Enterprise IT Overspending

It’s a fact. Most large companies materially overspend on IT.

NPI eliminates enterprise IT overspending by giving you actionable pricing, licensing and vendor negotiation intel you need to make better purchasing decisions.

Imagine having access to up-to-the-minute and transaction-specific pricing data so you can determine if you’re paying a fair price. Or knowing exactly which terms and conditions you can (or can’t) negotiate and the best strategy for leverage. Or being able to identify and remediate software compliance issues before the vendor gets involved.

NPI makes this a reality so you can negotiate a world-class outcome on every IT purchase and renewal. Our IT procurement consultants offer deep insight into vendor pricing, licensing, and negotiation intel, including:


NPI’s Approach to IT Procurement Consulting Excellence

NPI’s IT procurement experts arm you with the information you need to negotiate world-class deal outcomes that ensure you buy only what you need at the lowest possible rates.

Enterprise IT pricing can be complex and wildly inconsistent. With more than 300 consultants, analysts, and vendor-specific subject matter experts, we work with clients to ensure they have the pricing, licensing and negotiation intel they need to buy with confidence.

Why Do Companies Need IT Procurement Consulting?

Our research shows that enterprises overpay for 85% of their IT purchases.

IT procurement consultants can save your enterprise millions of dollars in wasted IT spend while making sure you purchase the tech services and solutions you need to run your business and compete effectively.


Benefits of IT Procurement Consulting

World-Class IT Purchase Outcomes

For more than 20 years, NPI’s IT procurement consulting team has been in the trenches negotiating purchases and renewals between large enterprises and their most trusted IT vendors. This experience provides deep insight into vendor- and transaction-specific licensing, pricing and negotiation strategies that are essential to securing a world-class deal.

Accelerated Purchasing Cycles

Today’s large enterprise IT procurement teams have to move fast to keep up with changing industry, tech and business requirements. Armed with up-to-the-minute vendor intel,  you can move fast without worrying about whether you’re getting a good deal or not. Accurate, current pricing, licensing and negotiation intel improves vendor negotiation outcomes and reduces the time to make it happen.

Risk Reduction

IT procurement missteps have long-lasting cost impacts that introduce risk into the enterprise IT ecosystem. Overpaying means not investing in other critical business initiatives and has a waterfall effect on future IT spend. Not getting what you need or paying for excess capacity or licenses you’ll never use hurts the bottom line. A technology procurement consultant can help you right-size your IT purchase and renewals to align with current- and future-state requirements.


NPI’s IT procurement consultants act independently without bias. We are not a reseller and are 100% focused on generating savings for our clients. We support your IT procurement team by giving them actionable, unbiased intel that helps them negotiate the best outcome possible.

Vendor Licensing and Pricing Expertise

Because of the wide range of deals NPI tracks and analyzes, we know the pricing, licensing terms, and available discount structures for more than 1,500 vendors and 150,000 SKUs. You get the benefit of benchmarking your quotes against a high volume of industry deals so you know exactly where you stand.


Why You Should Choose NPI for Your IT Procurement Consulting Needs

For over 20 years, NPI has been driven to help companies to stop overspending and maximize their IT budgets. Our IT procurement consultant team makes sure you have the information you need to determine whether you are getting a best-in-class offer or, if not, how to close the gaps.

With our pricing, licensing and negotiation intel, your IT procurement team is fully prepared to optimize the outcome of every enterprise IT purchase and renewal.


Stop overspending. Contact NPI today.