Healthcare Cost Containment

Regulatory requirements, mobility,
Big Data and cloud computing
are transforming healthcare IT.

There are game-changers for healthcare IT leaders.


The healthcare industry spends a stunning amount of money on technology. That spend has always been heavily weighted toward patient treatment technologies, putting information technology last in line when it comes to budget funding. Today, that’s changing and so are the associated healthcare industry cost containment needs.


A number of market forces are converging and forcing the healthcare industry to fund new IT and telecom investments:


  1. Regulatory requirements mandating the implementation of EMR systems
  2. Mobile computing (the exciting innovation in this area will continue to accelerate)
  3. “Big Data” storage and management challenges
  4. Cloud-based offerings for 1 through 3 above are gaining acceptance and traction


Many healthcare organizations are finding that these initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg because they can’t be implemented without upgrades to the surrounding hardware, network and software ecosystem.


This is driving a long-overdue overhaul of healthcare IT, which presents a transformational opportunity for IT to directly impact business operations and patient care. The next five years will be an exciting time for healthcare IT leaders to set a new bar for excellence and business value.


NPI knows these challenges firsthand. Healthcare is one of our largest client segments, and our clients are leading the way in EMR/EHR implementation, big data, mobile and cloud computing. NPI’s research data and advisory services help healthcare clients:


  • Plan the big picture: NPI establishes a sourcing and savings roadmap that spans the entire IT and telecom ecosystem, new and existing.
  • Make budgets go as far as possible: Best-in-class healthcare IT and telecom organizations want to stretch every dollar as far as it will reach toward the planned future state. We prevent overspending on every IT and telecom purchase that our clients make throughout the year.
  • Fill knowledge gaps: NPI is involved in strategic healthcare IT and telecom purchases every day, allowing us to bring real-time “on the street” market knowledge and data to the table.  This is especially helpful as clients consider moving to cloud-based solutions – an entirely new model  for most.
  • Fill bandwidth gaps: Many healthcare IT teams simply can’t absorb this surge in sourcing activity – they are too busy planning, implementing new technology, and keeping current systems running.  NPI provides on-demand bandwidth for the IT sourcing team.
  • Benchmark: We ensure each client’s purchase prices and terms are competitive using up-to-the-minute insights into vendor pricing and behavior.
  • Build flexibility into purchases: NPI helps clients accommodate future changes – both planned and unplanned – in vendor requirements and contracts.
  • Eliminate overspending: IT overspending is particularly prevalent when deadlines or unanticipated dependencies create pressure to make decisions quickly.  NPI’s resources and advice helps clients make sourcing decisions in constrained timeframes with confidence.


Healthcare IT is changing at a rapid pace. NPI clients have a smart spending advantage that allows them to extend their budgets further, prevent overspending and prepare for future demands.

NPI PERSPECTIVES on Healthcare IT Cost Containment

Government mandates, cloud and mobility have driven healthcare IT spending through the roof. Benchmarking can eliminate overspending.

And free up budget $$ for unfunded projects. Read more >


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