NPI News: More Ways to Overcome Your IT and Telecom Sourcing Challenges

By Don Addington

President, NPI

March 21, 2019

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When NPI launched its business in 2003, AWS was three years away from existence, revenues were a mere $50.9 million (compared to $10.5 billion today), and Yahoo was a popular search engine.

Enterprise IT purchasing also looked very different. Mind you, it was difficult and vendor pricing was all over the map. But nothing compared to what we see today. Over the last decade-and-a-half, IT buying has become exponentially more complex. There are more vendors, more purchases per annum, more spend, more stakeholders and – ultimately – more on the line for the business.

NPI has helped our clients navigate the IT sourcing challenges presented by these changes, and our services have evolved in lockstep. Today, NPI’s services span six practice areas and we’ve recently updated our website to reflect our broad service portfolio:

IT Price Benchmark Analysis and Negotiation Intel
Subscription service provides transaction-specific analysis and negotiation playbooks to help you get the best deal on IT purchases and renewals.

Enterprise License Agreement Optimization Consulting
Vendor-specific analysis, decision support and intel to help you buy the best-match offerings at the best price and terms from vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Telecom Cost Optimization Consulting
Analysis and advisory services to align telecom carrier agreements with decreasing market prices; optimize plans and usage; identify and eliminate stranded spend.

Software License Audit Services
Internal license position assessments to proactively identify and eliminate compliance risk, and audit defense services to minimize or eliminate penalties.

Divestiture and Merger IT Asset Rationalization
Services, methodology and tools to negotiate with vendors to split large IT estates apart (or combine them), and meet pressing divestiture and merger deadlines.

IT Sourcing Transformation Consulting
Guidance, frameworks and decision support to help you establish and execute your vision for IT sourcing excellence.

Questions? Please let us know. More than ever, we’re committed to helping enterprises overcome their IT buying challenges.