Microsoft Sourcing Insights: Cloud Productivity Suite vs. Secure Productive Enterprise

By Dan Brewster

Director of Client Services – Microsoft, NPI

February 16, 2017

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Have you heard about Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity Suite? Most clients haven’t – and the reason is that Microsoft is too busy promoting its Secure Productive Enterprise at every turn. Regular readers of this blog will know that Microsoft is focused on increasing its cloud market share and securing new market wins through bundling. The Secure Productive Enterprise includes Office 365 E3 or E5, Windows Enterprise E3 or E5, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Microsoft often leads with the Secure Productive Enterprise as its premier bundle for clients with expiring Enterprise Agreements. There are two versions of Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE), E3 and E5. The link above outlines the differences, with E5 including all of the components of E3, plus PSTN Conferencing, Cloud PBX, Power BI Pro, Advanced Threat Protection, Advanced Security Management, Customer Lockbox, Advanced eDiscovery, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Active Directory Premium P2, and Azure Information Protection P2.

For those who are all-in on Microsoft’s cloud solution, the Secure Productive Enterprise E3/E5 is a great offering and a great price (there’s that bundling again!). The Enterprise Agreement Level C price for SPE E3 is $29.71 per user per month. The SPE E5 is $52.58 per user per month. For a 6000-user firm, this works out to be $2,139,120 annually for SPE E3 and $3,785,760 for SPE E5. The SPE bundles include a 5 percent discount vs. purchasing the individual components on an à la carte basis. And, of course, the suite components have their own bundled discounts from the individual products.