The perfect consulting resource is zero-risk,
guaranteed, low-maintenance,
highly-skilled, and culture-sensitive.

At NPI, it's in our DNA.


It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it that makes our clients happy.  NPI’s engagement model is intentionally easy:

  • Getting started is simple – clients only need to provide us with readily-accessible information. Our experienced analysts identify tactical and strategic optimization that yields material, sustainable results; and then we help clients realize those results.
  • Our standard fee structure is results-based – we charge only for what we can measure, guaranteeing savings or clients pay nothing.  Along the way we identify areas that are already optimized, providing no-cost third-party validation that’s good to have in an era where governance is at top of mind for executives.
  • Most of our work is performed remotely, and we require very little of our clients’ time.


The initial engagement is typically one year for IT/Telecom services, and three years for Transportation services; and most clients renew after the initial period.  NPI becomes an integrated element of the sourcing process; mapping out savings targets year after year, and analyzing all material spend in the category.

Flexible Delivery


NPI is also adept at fitting into each client’s unique business culture, and delivering spend management services in the mode that matches their needs:

  • Fully-outsourced – NPI performs 100% of a defined set of responsibilities
  • Blended team – NPI is an active participant in relevant sourcing teams, often sitting at the table through the entire purchase process (knowledge transfer is a valued by-product of this mode)
  • Arms-length advisor – NPI provides on-demand advice to specific client stakeholders who, in turn, act on the advice independently


Most clients use multiple modes depending on the spend category and the sourcing events at hand in a given year – for example, they fully outsource Transportation bill audit services or a telecom RFX project to NPI, and use us in blended team mode for all IT purchases.


In addition to standard engagements, NPI also performs project and transactional work depending on the best fit for the client’s needs.



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