GSG Rebrands as Sakon and Takes on SaaS Spend Visibility Challenge

By Matt West

Director of Telecommunication Services, NPI

May 15, 2018

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Telecom expense management provider Global Sourcing Group (GSG) recently rebranded itself to Sakon. Sakon is also the name of the company’s new expense management portal. Sakon is already a market leader in delivering expense management solutions for fixed and mobile communications. The established solutions - WirelineManager™ and MobileManager™ - are now supplemented by the next generation platform that integrates those two cost categories with a new one: Cloud service providers.

Key Elements of Sakon's (Formerly GSG Telecom) Solutions

Sakon, similar to Tangoe's Matrix platform, promises to bring all of the familiar elements of telecom expense management to the challenge of managing the SaaS spend category. Key elements of Sakon include:

  • Inventory of services
  • Contract inventory
  • Invoice processing and cost allocation
  • Cost auditing and contract compliance
  • Service optimization
  • Management reporting

GSG Telecom Reinvents as Sakon, Expands into SaaS

Sakon responds to a need for more visibility and greater control over the cloud-based services that enterprise users consume. Just as MobileManager delivers detailed information about the cellular minutes, data and messages that a user consumes, Sakon will consolidate similar information with respect to an employee’s consumption of Office365,, Box and other SaaS service providers.

The first step in driving savings in any cost category is having visibility into what is being bought and how much it costs – that is the basis for revalidating the need, consolidating buying power and negotiating the best deal with the provider. Sakon has skillfully provided that visibility for network spend, and has expanded their focus to encompass the growing SaaS spend category.