The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal and Enterprise Renewal Form – It’s Worth a Second Look!

By Cindy Barron-Taylor

Director of Client Services, Microsoft, NPI

December 21, 2018

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When thinking about your upcoming Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal, you’re probably eager to make the process as simple as possible by removing any unnecessary steps and cutting back on the amount of content you, or others in your organization, must review. But there are some things you really need to inspect.

The Enterprise Renewal Form is often offered by Microsoft as an easy way to take the terms and conditions of your expiring enrollment and roll them forward. It’s pitched as a way to avoid having to get your legal team’s review of new documents, which can sometimes add weeks to the approval process. By simply signing the form, you keep the expiring enrollment details in place. Specifically, the form states that by submitting, you agree to renew the Enrollment for renewal 36-month term.

Using the Enterprise Renewal Form As Part of Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal?

Before agreeing to renew in this fashion, there are some things you need to revalidate. Here are a few examples:

1) Under enrollment details in your expiring agreement, look at item #1, Enrolled Affiliate’s Enterprise - is it most beneficial for your company to define your enterprise the same way you  previously did 3 years ago?

2) Also, pay close attention to the last sentence under item #1. This sentence is often overlooked. It says to indicate whether the Enrolled Affiliate’s Enterprise will include all new Affiliates acquired after the start of this enrollment. You will see that you elected either include future affiliates or exclude future affiliates. Be sure that whatever you elected 3 years ago is what you want to keep for the next 3 years going forward as this can be impactful to your true up numbers every year.

3) Do you have any custom language/amendments included in your prior EA enrollment paperwork? If so, be sure to consider these and their relevance for the next 3 years. Review them one by one and revalidate your desired state for the coming 3 years.

Microsoft EA renewal discussions are intense, and the desire to streamline the process is understandable. The Enterprise Renewal Form can be helpful in this regard – but still requires careful inspection. Be sure the details cover what’s best for your company for the next 3 years.