For Your Microsoft Enterprise Enrollment, Don’t Skip the Future Pricing Table

By Cindy Barron-Taylor

Director of Client Services, Microsoft, NPI

November 28, 2018

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It’s easy to be myopic when renewing your Microsoft Enterprise Enrollment and focus solely on the three-year costs presented in your renewal quote. But remember this - when you sign the dotted line on a Microsoft subscription, you’re making a long-term commitment. That’s why it’s more important than ever to look holistically at what you’ve included for the next three years, and also at how you are purchasing your solution as well as your Future Pricing Table found in the last few pages of your Customer Price Sheet.

To ensure your existing on-premise investments are optimally being used to leverage your move to subscription offerings, check the Product Terms to see if the subscription you plan to purchase offers a From Software Assurance (SA) SKU. If your license portfolio qualifies, the From SA SKU enables your transition from Software Assurance covered on-premise licenses to subscriptions at a built-in discount level. This option of purchasing can help you maintain a lower entry price versus having to pay for Full User Subscription Licenses (Full USLs). From SA SKUs are available for a variety of products, and need to be factored into your cost scenario modeling as you consider your options for upcoming renewals.

It’s also important to position your company for the most advantageous subscription costs for additive “future users” as well. When renewing monthly subscriptions at Enterprise Enrollment renewal time, be sure to check your price sheet for your Future Pricing costs associated with each type of subscription license. If you are unsure how to read your Future Pricing table, ask for help (from an unbiased expert) – it can be confusing!