Software Audit & Compliance Services

When it comes to vendor audits, don’t go it alone. It’s a decision that could save you millions.

Client Testimonials

“We were facing $1.2 million in non-compliance penalties. NPI’s licensing expertise helped us knock that fee down to $200,000.”

- Director IT, Regional Hospital Network

“NPI helps make sure that every decision we make is engineered for hard dollar savings, intelligent risk management and vendor productivity. The results have been astounding. In two years, we’ve more than doubled our return on investment each year, while knowing we’re paying fair market value for all of our IT purchases at a reduced level of risk. NPI’s access to the latest vendor management tips and best practices has also helped us improve how we manage our vendors and asset portfolio.”

- CIO, Lending Provider

Software audits are on the rise because they generate revenue for vendors – and that’s a problem. When going toe-to-toe with vendor auditing teams, companies typically find themselves unable to defend their license position. You need an ally. Someone with the vendor-specific licensing expertise and proven processes that will help you avoid or minimize costly penalties. That’s where NPI comes in.

We know how to help you establish accurate deployment data, and compare deployments to entitlements to identify gaps.

We know the tactics vendors use to foster non-compliance, and what motivates them to reduce penalties. Our understanding of changing licensing and product usage rights gives us the inside track on where companies unwittingly fall out of compliance (virtualization, indirect use and remote access are some typical culprits), and where auditors incorrectly interpret the situation (you wouldn’t think that is a common occurrence – but it is!).

And because audit risk is growing, many businesses are not waiting for the audit shoe to drop, they’re taking preventive measures.

NPI experts help you:

  • Conduct internal compliance reviews to identify and remediate compliance risks - we call this a Self-Audit Project
  • Optimize the outcome of formal software license audits or "soft audits" such as Microsoft SAM engagements
  • Validate accuracy of vendor audit findings and identify costly errors
  • Define remediation options to minimize or mitigate audit penalties, perform cost/benefit analysis and establish a plan
  • Identify leverage points for the audit resolution negotiation
  • Identify gaps in asset management tools and processes that can be repaired to reduce future compliance risk

Real-world results:

  • Microsoft's auditors reported $10 million in non-compliance under a SAM Engagement. The client went back and forth for six months and couldn't get anywhere. After engaging NPI, the audit was settled at $700K.

  • A SQL infrastructure audit resulted in a claim of $14 million from Microsoft. End result with NPI assistance was $5 million.

  • The client engaged NPI to perform a Self-Audit Project. When Microsoft subsequently initiated an audit, the client handed them the self-audit license position document and the audit was cancelled.