Signing a Microsoft EA? Two Reasons to Check Your Enrollment

By Cindy Barron-Taylor

Director of Client Services – Microsoft, NPI

May 31, 2017

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Whether you are a new Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customer or a customer who has renewed their Enterprise Agreement multiple times, it’s important to be sure to review your Enrollment Details prior to signing your paperwork. Here are the top two reasons why...

  1. Your enrollment is where you define your enterprise (under section Enrolled Affiliate’s Enterprise). This means that for every product where you’ve made an enterprise commitment, you must purchase for your organization in the way you describe in this section. It’s been our experience to see that most Licensing Sales Professionals will set the default language for this definition to be for “Enrolled Affiliate and all Affiliates”, but this might not be the best definition for your organization. Don’t hesitate to request for this to be changed to “Enrolled Affiliate only” or for “Enrolled Affiliate and the following Affiliates” if that better suits your needs.
  2. Your enrollment is also where you include or exclude future affiliates. As this can have an impact on your true-up numbers each year, it’s important that you have thought through the implications of your choice. More than likely, when your draft paperwork is presented for your review, unless you have discussed it previously with your Licensing Sales Professional, the default position with be “Include future Affiliates.” You also have the option to “Exclude future Affiliates.”

As with everything related to your IT sourcing agreements, always remember that you have a choice. Don’t hesitate to ask your Licensing Sales Professional if there’s something you don’t understand or want changed. And if you’d like to talk through your enrollment paperwork in more detail, NPI can help.