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“Why Small Parcel Shipping Costs are Rising,
and How to Lower Your Costs”

Small parcel carriers are charging historically high rates, surcharges and accessorial fees - but that's not all. Shippers that want to blunt the impact of these factors must also overcome unanticipated mid-year rate and fee changes. With 2017 pricing projected to be even higher, what can shippers do to prevent small parcel shipping costs from spiraling upward?

Based on our research into shipper forecasts for the coming year, as well as carrier pricing and contracting trends, NPI has identified the myriad factors impacting the small parcel spending landscape in 2017. This short bulletin covers:

  • The market forces that are accelerating small parcel shipping cost increases

  • Specific areas of overspending risk for shippers in 2017

  • How to mitigate higher shipping costs without sacrificing service levels

  • And more…

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