Some companies prefer to outsource TEM
so they can control fixed, wireless and data spend
without capital or headcount investments.

It's a good approach to telecom and network cost reduction.

There’s no way around it – voice and data spend will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, and most enterprises are not satisfied with their current telecom cost management process. There are a variety of factors driving the TEM managed services trend:
  • Control & Governance: There is no end in sight to continuing increases in fixed and wireless carrier spend – skilled governance and performance management are more important than ever
  • Cost Consolidation & Visibility: TEM is a truly complex and fragmented administrative challenge – amplified by mobile device management; costs are segregated in geographical and organizational siloes, compromising control and volume purchase advantages
  • Cost Avoidance Leveraging the Cloud: Companies want to avoid capital investment in TEM software and hardware, as well as the time and cost of software selection, implementation and maintenance – they want to get consolidated visibility and well-managed oversight processes in place as quickly as possible, leveraging the economies of third-party software, hardware and personnel
  • Resources: It’s difficult to staff star-quality global TEM teams
  • Insource Strategic, Outsource Tactical: Companies want their internal resources to focus on analytics and strategic improvement, not commodity, non-core tasks

NPI’s TEM Managed Services for Telecom Cost Management

Time and again, our clients have asked NPI to provide ongoing operational support after we have completed the initial telecom cost analysis and optimization work. In response, NPI now offers subscription-based TEM Managed Services including:
  • Continuous Rate Plan and Network Optimization
  • Invoice Management
  • Invoice Audit and Dispute Resolution
  • Credit and Refund Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Help Desk

Our offering is modular, so clients can select the combination of services that is right for their needs, and expand over time.

Technology Platform

Our TEM Managed Services are powered by a cloud-based TEM platform for data consolidation, process management, analysis and reporting that eliminates the need for clients to purchase, install, learn or maintain a TEM system – we do that for you.

NPI uploads invoice and contract data from each client’s carriers worldwide into our TEM system where we perform the day-to-day work, and clients can log in at any time to get reports and status information. The system is organized into two functions: Wireless Manager and Wireline Manager. Features utilized depend on the mix of services selected. Following are just a few system highlights.

Wireless Manager – Sample Listing of Modules and Features

Inventory Manager
  • Maintains consolidated and detailed inventory of all corporate-owned wireless devices, services, costs, MDM profiles and more
  • Assigns wireless devices to employee, department, and cost center
  • Enables management of right-sized inventory

Market Place
  • Provides approved device catalog to end user community.
  • Ensures corporate compliance
  • Automates wireless procurement approval

Optimization Manager
  • Enables wireless cost reduction
  • Enables best-in-class rate plans and services
  • Automatically implements plan changes and tracks carrier changes and savings
  • Prevents costly international roaming and data overage with real-time alerts and change recommendations

Service Manager
  • Ensures all tickets are logged and handled within SLA
  • Provides user guides
  • Tracks status and nature of all tickets

Wireline Manager – Sample Listing of Modules and Features

Inventory Manager
  • Line, circuit and equipment detail
  • Quick search
  • Service desk integration
  • Invoice processing integration
  • Access rights
  • Custom report builder
  • Pre-defined inventory reports

Contract Manager
  • Document management
  • Contract detailing
  • Quick search
  • Expiration alerts

Invoice Manager
  • Vendor voice integration
  • Normalization of charges and usage descriptions
  • Inventory integration
  • A/P feed integration
  • Custom report builder
  • Pre-defined invoice and usage reports

Audit Manager
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Spend reduction
  • Dispute management
  • Savings verification reporting

The NPI Difference for Telecom Cost Management

There are quite a few TEM solutions on the market. Clients choose NPI’s TEM Managed Services because:
  • They trust us to produce cost savings - NPI has a 10 year track record of success.
  • We fit well into their organization and processes – clients already know it, and references attest.
  • Unlike pure-play TEM software or service providers, NPI knows technology cost optimization inside-out. As the lines continue to blur between IT and telecom - and the interdependencies mount - clients want our unmatched knowledge set at their disposal for this strategic spend.
  • They really like our hands-on, white-glove service.

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