Mobility is transforming the way we live and work.
It's still in its infancy, so the opportunity for enterprises to gain
competitive advantage through early adoption and innovation is huge.

Leaders are getting enterprise mobility costs under control now.

Today’s workforce relies heavily on mobile devices to get the job done – and this is just the beginning of the sea change that mobility will drive over the next decade.

At NPI, we understand the overwhelming cost and complexity that keeps finance, IT and procurement professionals up at night as they strive to govern mobility costs. In fact, the average enterprise overpays 38% for wireless services.

NPI mobile expense management services help clients eliminate this overspending, gain consolidated visibility into mobility costs, and break through the complexity to arrive at a clear mobility strategy. We help clients with wireless expense management for immediate and long-term savings. Once current spend is understood and optimized, we can also provide TEM Managed Services to keep mobility spending tightly managed.

Initial savings can be achieved at any point in time (regardless of carrier contract term):
  • Without changing carriers
  • Without new contracts
  • Without any impact to users

How? Through a mixture of:
  • Usage analytics – for example, identifying top data, international or directory assistance users and assuring they are matched to the right plan to yield the lowest cost
  • Bill audit – errors are common

NPI also assesses the overall mobility landscape and recommends strategic changes that can drive additional savings.

NPI’s mobile expense management advisory services help clients significantly reduce spend in the following areas:
  • IRU/CRU Discounts
  • Equipment Discounts
  • Flat Rates
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Renewal Credits
  • Early Termination Waivers

Plan Optimization
  • Pooling Optimization
  • Plan Selection
  • Usage Auditing


According to Aberdeen, 75 percent of today’s companies allow BYOD (bring your own device). There has been no shortage of discussion around the pros and cons of BYOD, but one question that hasn’t been explored is this: How will BYOD impact carrier contracts?

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