The data train left the station years ago. Add new bandwidth,
cloud, Big Data, BI and mobility to the equation, and data networks
are growing exponentially in importance, volume and cost.

Continuously optimize data network spend.

The Data Network – it’s the backbone of enterprise communications. From the data center and storage to VoIP and email, data usage continues to grow….and so do the costs.

Like voice, data networks are also prone to the build-up of unused assets that consume budget dollars on auto-pilot.   Pricing and contract terms for data services have grown increasingly complex. But, that doesn’t mean enterprises have to overspend. NPI’s spend management services replace complexity with visibility and savings so our clients can immediately reduce data service expenditures in the following areas:
Network Access
  • DSL
  • DS1, DS3
  • OCx
  • Ethernet
  • DWDM

  • MPLS port charges (all speeds between 56k and Gbps Ethernet)
  • COS service (all classes, including Real Time and Non Real Time)
  • Services such as backup ports, shadow ports, etc.

Managed Services
  • Network management
  • Primary circuit, backup circuit, router (small, medium, large) and other associated services
  • Internet services (all port speeds and options for both tiered and burstable)
  • VPN
  • Data center hosting

Data Hardware
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • etc...

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