Voice and data services are biological to every business,
and mobility is a game-changer that's permeating
almost every industry at lightning speed.

Telecom spending is on the rise, and it's challenging to govern.

NPI's telecom expense management drive telecom cost reductions

The complexity of telecommunications technologies, contracts and billing make it difficult for enterprises to assure that they have competitive pricing and terms, and maximum flexibility to respond to changing business needs.

NPI’s telecom expense management and auditing services give our clients that assurance.


Accelerate the Ability to Analyze and Save


NPI consultants have assessed and negotiated thousands of telecom purchases – they know the ropes and accelerate clients‘ ability to analyze current spend; shop rates, discounts and credits across carriers to get the optimal service at the optimal price and terms; and rationalize disparate offerings so clients can compare apples to apples.

And as the distinction between telecom and IT blurs, NPI’s breadth of telecom expense management coverage across the full spectrum of interrelated technologies is unmatched in the spend management consulting industry.

Over 95% of the clients we advise find that they are overspending on some aspect of telecom. NPI serves as a temporary expansion of their sourcing team, providing expert bandwidth that helps them cut data center, call center and general business telecom expenses faster.

NPI telecom spend management focuses specifically on telecom sourcing and contract optimization – the areas that deliver the most immediate impact to the budget. Our service is self-funding and our fees are 100% results-driven. NPI’s voice, data and mobility spend management services include:

  • Asset & Usage Inventory: Conduct company-wide inventory of telecom assets, usage and spending to identify cost saving opportunities.
  • Price Benchmarking & Strategy: Compare current contract terms and rates with fair market value. Develop a customized strategy for achieving immediate and long-term savings
  • Sourcing & Contract Optimization: Execute the telecom purchasing process at any phase, from RFP development and contract negotiations to mid-term vendor re-negotiations, for immediate and long-term savings.
  • Rate & Pooling Plan Optimization: Determine the most favorable rate structure based on your voice, data and mobility usage and peak service times.
  • Cost & Risk Mitigation: Co-develop a telecom expense control strategy that reduces financial risk by providing telecom usage, pricing and auditing best practices.
  • Policy & Procedure Development: Develop customized telecom spend management policies and procedures to maximize investments.
  • Billing Analysis & Point-in-Time Audit: Our experts analyze your invoices as part of our optimization service in order to identify inaccuracies, discrepancies and areas of concern. In some cases, findings drive a historical audit to recover credits or refunds. Ongoing audit services are offered in our suite of TEM Managed Services.


TEM Managed Services

In addition to the strategic sourcing services listed above, NPI also offers a flexible suite of TEM Managed Services so clients can outsource telecom expense management business processes and eliminate the need for on-premise or hosted TEM software and hardware.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to understand how NPI helps reduce telecom expenses is to check out our client success stories. Read about our client’s results >

To talk about how to reduce your telecom spending – sometimes dramatic savings can be achieved in less than 60 days – contact us.


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