Key objectives include cutting
transportation costs and fine-tuning
carrier strategy for improved customer service.

NPI logistics consultants can help.

Logistics leaders excel at making a strategic impact by identifying and implementing opportunities to:
  • Reduce logistics costs to drive profits
  • Expedite the supply chain for faster order-to-cash cycles
  • Continually increase reliability and reduce risk
  • Support rapidly-evolving business needs such as globalization and eCommerce
  • Anticipate and prepare for the impact of economic and geo-political conditions
  • Forecast costs accurately

Transportation is a critical element of strategic supply chain optimization, and costs are at an all-time high thanks to volatile fuel costs, constrained capacity and increased global demand.
When it comes to supply chain transportation, NPI logistics consulting experts help logistics leaders:
    • Continually calibrate modes, carrier mix and shipping methods to cut costs, increase efficiency, and match evolving business requirements
    • Improve carrier agreements
    • Establish and enforce SLAs, and administer refund recovery
    • Accurately assess the financial impact of changes in transportation variables such as accessorial charges, DIM factors and fuel rates
    • Advise on projects such as distribution network analysis, back-up transportation planning,
    • Eliminate overspending on supply chain IT

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