Globalization. Re-shoring. Logistics services. Plant automation.
Warehouse automation. Energy management. B2B digital integration.
It all adds up to opportunity for the manufacturing industry.

Leaders seize the opportunity.

NPI reduces costs for manufacturing logistics, supplier logistics

Manufacturing faces challenges – dependency on consumer spending, volatile energy costs, competition from low cost imports, funding upgrades to plants and warehouses and more.

But there are also great opportunities for value creation through technology innovation, and aggressive engineering of improved logistics.

NPI’s manufacturing logistics and IT consulting is uniquely qualified to help manufacturers achieve two key objectives:


NPI provides unbiased manufacturing logistics analysis, supplier-specific market intelligence and advice that helps manufacturers:

  • Plan the big picture: NPI establishes a sourcing and savings roadmap that spans the entire IT and logistics ecosystem. For IT: Warehouse management solutions, ERP, plant floor and enterprise networks, information security, data storage, IT outsourcing, etc. For transportation: Mode optimization, transportation network design, shipping rates, SLAs.
  • Make budgets go as far as possible: Manufacturers are under continuous pressure to optimize supply chain operations. NPI prevents overspending on every IT and logistics purchase and renewal so our clients can stretch their budgets further.
  • Fill knowledge gaps: The advancement of manufacturing IT and logistics is moving at breakneck speed. In some cases IT and supply chain executives are making first-time purchases with little or no experience in those specific areas (for example, mobility solutions for manufacturing, integrated safety systems or international air freight). In other cases, even the most experienced sourcing professionals just don’t have the time to keep up with changes in the IT vendor and carrier landscape. At NPI, we work on strategic IT and logistics purchases every day, enabling us to bring real-time “on the street” market knowledge and data to the table.
  • Fill bandwidth gaps: Some organizations simply can’t absorb the surge in IT and logistics sourcing activity – all available resources are fully deployed to keep current operations running reliably, plan for the future, and implement new systems and processes. NPI provides on-demand bandwidth for the IT and logistics sourcing teams.
  • Benchmark: We ensure each client’s purchase prices and terms are competitive using up-to-the-minute insights into the vendor and carrier marketplace.
  • Build accountability and flexibility into purchases: NPI helps clients assure that their supplier relationships include SLAs that enforce quality promises. We also help clients build into their supplier relationships the flexibility to adapt to future changes – both planned and unplanned.
  • Eliminate overspending: Innovative manufacturers are entering uncharted territory with new IT and logistics initiatives, upping the risk of overspending on these purchases. NPI’s resources and advice help clients avoid overspending on new purchases as well as renewal of existing investments.
  • NPI PERSPECTIVES on Manufacturing Logistics

    The manufacturing supply chain is fragmented and geographically dispersed, enabling billions of dollars of overspending each year in areas such as logistics services and IT.

    Organizations can cut as much as 20% of logistics and IT indirect spend. Read more >


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