Predicting and planning for future states
when it comes to supply chain transportation
is a complex undertaking with many variables.

Leverage proven models to get a leg up on planning & forecasting.

As a trusted advisor for transportation sourcing and optimization, NPI becomes intimate with each client’s global transportation network, operations and spend.  Our objective analysts use this knowledge, combined with best-practices know-how gained from careers spanning thousands of shippers, to provide strategic supply chain transportation management and logistics management consulting services including:
  • Transportation Budgeting: Given forecasted orders per month for the budget period, NPI builds inputs to our clients’ annual budgeting process – cost data, key assumptions, scenario models, etc.
  • Transportation Cost Forecasting:  Using a client’s unique historical shipping data and forecasted order information,  NPI establishes baseline assumptions  (for example, number of shipments per order), then forecasts transportation costs including anticipated increases in accessorial rates, fuel charges and other factors.
  • Distribution Network and Consolidation Analysis:  NPI performs a variety of services in this area (for example, assessing the cost efficiency of your current distribution network design), and provides optimization recommendations.  Typical projects include consolidation/de-consolidation cost impact analysis; or simulating the effect on cost and time-in-transit for packages sent from alternate distribution centers to customers in specific locations.
  • Outsourcing Impact Analysis:  Some clients consider outsourcing distribution to, for example,  NPI logistics management experts help establish the cost and operational impact.
  • Pre-M&A/Post Divestiture Transportation and Distribution Analysis: NPI helps clients perform due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition.  NPI can identify scenarios for consolidating transportation networks, operations and carrier relationships and provide cost data to feed into financial due diligence.  Conversely, NPI can analyze the transportation cost impact of divestitures.

In addition, NPI fulfills clients’ ad hoc needs for analysis, scenario-building and other strategic planning deliverables for decision-making in the logistics management arena.

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