Supply chain is one of the most scrutinized optimization targets
in the enterprise because of the direct correlation between
reduced cost/time and increased profit/competitiveness.

Expert analysis assures best-in-class spend from point A to point B.

NPI's transportation spend management consulting services identify opportunities for strategic and tactical supply chain transportation optimization, and helps our clients see them through to implementation and hard-dollar savings, reduced cycle times, and carrier SLA accountability.

Our advisory transportation spend management services center on shipping, freight and distribution – the lifeblood of the supply chain. On average, NPI clients achieve 20 percent cost reduction in year one; plus incremental savings in years two and beyond.

The material savings opportunities for each client are as unique as their transportation profile.  So each NPI client relies on us for a correspondingly unique combination of these services:

NPI's transportation spend management, transportation contract management services

NPI’s transportation spend management services are self-funding. Fees are 100% results-driven – this is our commitment to actionable advice and measurable improvements. We bring:
    • Category experts with deep subject area knowledge in small parcel, LTL, TL and air/ocean freight  who are helping clients optimize these business-critical services every day.  NPI analysts include former carrier business professionals who understand the nuts and bolts of carrier operations and possess the know-how gained from a career that has touched thousands of shippers.
    • Logistics experience spanning many industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Business Services, Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods and Technology.
    • Priority emphasis on non-disruptive optimization with minimal (or zero) process change requirements.
    • Powerful modeling tools for scenario-based supply chain analysis to support decision-making.
    • Carrier cost models that analyze shipping data to precisely zero in on each client’s pockets of overpayment, forming the basis for fact-based business cases to drive carrier savings.
    • Transportation contract management processes that assure invoices are correct, and credits and refunds are claimed.
    • Carrier neutrality – objective perspective with no bias to influence recommendations. Specialized bandwidth expansion for your team.
  • Easy engagement model.

NPI delivers objective, practical recommendations that turn into measurable savings.  That’s why our clients trust us to optimize billions of dollars in supply chain transportation spend.

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