We really enjoy working with
our clients' sourcing teams and achieving
meaningful spend management results together.

We're proud to share some of their thoughts.

“NPI’s strategies and methodologies enabled us to exceed our savings targets and expectations. Their experience and marketplace intelligence balanced the scales in our shipment analysis and negotiation activities, achieving results well beyond what we might have accomplished on our own. NPI is a trusted business advisor that delivers on its promise.”

, Director of Consumer Products Logistics, Canon USA

“NPI not only helped us save real dollars up front, but also helped us think critically about how we measure the long-term savings we expect from our outsourcing partnership”

, CIO, Hitachi Metals America

“Hughes Supply has structured our procurement process to ensure we pay a fair price on our technology purchases … NPI’s market expertise guarantees that we do.”

, CIO, Hughes Supply

“Real dollar savings are always hard to come by … yet NPI easily delivered hard dollars back into our budget and exceeded their 100 percent guarantee.”

, CIO, QuikSilver

“NPI’s knowledge of our IT vendors allows us to quickly and easily get to the bottom line on our purchases – typically with substantial savings.”

, Director of Technical Operations, Harcourt Education

“By using NPI’s data and execution strategies, we have been able to dramatically reduce our technology spend over the last three years. I was pleasantly surprised at how much their expertise aided us in securing lower prices. NPI is an extremely effective and professional resource as an extension of our procurement team.”

, Head of Technology Procurement, Russell Athletic

“Just 90 days after engaging NPI, we realized a 300 percent return on our investment. Our executive board is ecstatic with the results NPI has delivered.”

, CIO, The Fund

“By utilizing NPI’s methodology and experience, we are achieving hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings.”

, Director of Operations, FlightSafety International

“NPI brought a deep understanding of traditional and wireless carrier billing practices and invaluable market intelligence to help manage an increasingly fragmented telecom spend. The results provided a 32 percent savings over our previous year’s spending.”

, CIO, Forbes Magazine

“I’m always looking for ways to easily and effectively ensure I pay fair market value on my technology purchases…NPI is the only solution that provides me peace of mind I’m doing so.”

, CIO, Dunn-Edwards Paints

“We were astounded to learn how much money we were losing in shipping. NPI helped us redefine our carrier contract to lower our shipping rates and make sure the discounts we receive deliver real value. All in all, we think NPI’s services will save us 10 percent or more of our total transportation costs this year.”

, General Manager, Folica

“NPI is helping Watkins reduce costs and improve our negotiation skills for future contracts.”

, CIO, Watkins Motor Lines

“NPI brought invaluable market intelligence and they worked hand in hand with our procurement department to secure the technology we wanted at a fair price.”

, CIO, Russell Corporation

“My only regret is we didn’t start sooner.”

, CIO, National Aquarium in Baltimore

“Our first experience with NPI’s service was on a telecom renewal. They saved us $65,000 for the first year and almost $200,000 for the term of the agreement.”

, Vice President, Rush University Medical Center

“On their very first transaction, NPI delivered a 24 percent reduction on a six-figure purchase price. We are very pleased with their service.”

, Vice President, Purchasing and Supply Management, American Ski Company

“NPI saved us more than we expected within the first 30 days but the peace of mind of knowing I am in line with fair market values is what I find priceless.”

, EVP and CIO, Pegasus Solutions


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