Word on the Street: Avaya to Raise Cost of Annual Maintenance

By Matt West

Director of Telecommunication Services, NPI

July 28, 2015

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Word on the street is that Avaya is again changing the options and costs of their annual maintenance program for enterprise survivable servers (ESS). The current program includes these options:

  • ESS Co-Delivery – Co-delivery (C/D) support is where an Avaya partner is primarily responsible for monitoring and delivering support. All Tier 1 and 2 support goes through the business partner and Avaya is only engaged when Tier 3 or Tier 4 support is required. Business partners can only deliver this level to certain grandfathered clients, greenfield and with special approval from Avaya.
  • ESS Standard – Avaya provides remote hardware and software support with escalation up to Tier 3 and Tier 4, minor software updates, firmware updates and web ticketing. There is no monitoring or alarming
  • SA (Support Advantage) Preferred – Primary monitoring, management and support is delivered by Avaya. SA Preferred includes the same support levels as ESS and ESS C/D, but also auto resolution of alarms, escalation policy for unresolved alarms based on Severity, Secure Access Server. This is the most common Avaya-provided level of support.
  • SA Preferred C/D – Same as SA Preferred; however, unresolved alarms are referred to a partner. Monitoring can be done by either party.

If word on the street has it right, Avaya will eliminate ESS C/D and ESS Standard from the option choices this coming August for new installations. Effective then, Avaya will only offer SA Preferred or SA Preferred C/D on all new purchases and upgrades (date we’ve heard is 8/10/15). These will also be the only options on all renewals. Effective October 15, SA ESS and SA C/D prices are anticipated to increase by 15 percent on new additions.

If this gets rolled out, customers currently on ESS C/D plans will be moved to SA Preferred at the end of their contracts. If they have also contracted for Upgrade Advantage, and upgrade during the contract period, the contract coverage will automatically convert to SA Preferred, or SA Preferred C/D. However prices will remain at contract levels until contract expiration.

What should Avaya customers do? If you are considering Q3 or Q4 capital purchases, you may want to accelerate those purchases in order to take advantage of the current maintenance program. For maintenance customers, Avaya may consider renewing early, and consider a 36-month renewal rather than a 12-month renewal. Analyze your options!


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