VIDEO: Maintenance and Support Costs Eating Up Your Budget?

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How much do you estimate you’re spending on maintenance and support across all of your IT assets? “Too much” is the quick answer...but really, think about it for a minute and get a number in your head.

If you could shave 5 to 7% off that spend and use the liberated $$$ for unfunded innovation projects, the payback to your business could be exponential.

For argument’s sake, let’s use 6% as the average savings that can be achieved across your maintenance portfolio. Here are the funds that could be re-purposed:

Maintenance Support Spend Chart

Maintenance and support is a tedious sub-category of IT spend to manage. Squeezing every nickel out of it requires focus and determination. It’s distributed across hardware and software – and increasingly hard to quantify accurately because it gets mixed up with SaaS and managed services subscriptions in OpEx.

A growing trend among NPI’s clients is to carefully categorize their IT spend into accurate sub-categories; then optimize cost and licensing one by one, tracking savings progress in the aggregate across each subcategory.

While the maintenance and support subcategory typically yields a lower savings percentage than CapEx hardware and software, for most clients:

  • The maintenance and support numbers have grown so big that the yield is meaningful
  • Why spend a dollar more than you have to?
  • Below is a short video that gives you 4 of the best ways to cut maintenance and support costs: