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By Kim Addington,


August 03, 2018

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Our mission on this blog is to equip you with in-the-trenches IT vendor intel that will help you buy smarter, pay less, and get more value from your IT purchases and renewals. IT buying has never been tougher than it is right now – or critical to the business. The IT landscape is changing. Industries are transforming. And vendors are gaining more leverage.

Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer over at Spend Matters shares his perspective on the issue: “As technology moves to the cloud and becomes increasingly complex and controlled by powerful "mega vendors," buyers in IT and procurement organizations need to get aligned and win together through improved IT sourcing and supplier management. And they better have deep market intelligence and supplier intelligence to understand what levers they can pull.”

How is your organization keeping up with these challenges? How are sourcing, finance and IT working together to navigate these challenges?

Spend Matters and NPI invite you to join us as we dig into this conversation in our upcoming webinar.

IT Sourcing Best Practices: How to Leverage Price Benchmarking, License Optimization and More!

Thursday, August 9th

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM EDT

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