Security Awareness Training Solutions – How to Get the Best Deal

By Michael Schulman

IT/Telecom Delivery Analyst, NPI

May 04, 2018

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The Security Awareness market has been steadily growing for years, but enterprise adoption of security awareness training services and solutions in 2018 is looking more like a hockey stick than the gradual adoption NPI has seen in years past. That’s leading to a more crowded vendor marketplace and an expanding portfolio of solutions/services per vendor.

In other words, buying security awareness solutions just got complicated – especially given the criticality of the challenge being solved. The biggest danger to data security isn’t always an external threat or vindictive inside operative. More regularly, it’s the internal threat of human error. One of the top ways to prevent these costly IT security errors is to institute company-wide security-awareness training.

A security awareness system endeavors to teach your personnel critical knowledge around company security policy, procedures and best practices to protect confidential information in the current age of massive amounts of readily available data.  These systems also help you measure how well your information security awareness program is functioning, and facilitate routine training – especially important in organizations with high turnover rates and those that depend on large numbers of contract or contingent staff. Typically, security awareness solutions will tie into your LMS solutions.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Your Security Awareness Training Solution

Pricing is typically user-based. As you consider making an investment:

  • Ask your vendor how they will help you roll out the training to users to ensure they are motivated to actually use the tools and learn from them – write this into your agreement.
  • Compel the vendor to have more skin in the game. Consider buying fewer licenses initially with the expectation that you will buy the remaining licenses once the first wave goes well (and negotiate fees that takes the broader purchase into account).
  • The market is competitive, so bring competitive bids to the table and conduct price benchmark analysis to strengthen your negotiations and to validate you’re getting best-in-class per-user prices.