Changes to LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing and Renewals

March 28, 2022

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Whether you’re pondering a new purchase or have a renewal on the horizon, there are changes to LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing that you should be aware of. For the uninitiated, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn several years ago – but that doesn’t mean Sales Navigator is a standard part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement. To the contrary, actually.

While we have seen a few instances where some version of Sales Navigator is included in a Microsoft EA, NPI almost always sees standalone offers from LinkedIn as we’re helping clients optimize IT purchase costs.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing can be challenging to evaluate. Only entry-level edition pricing is published and that typically applies only to small quantities. LinkedIn doesn’t publish the price of its most robust edition (formerly Enterprise) which is the option that most sizable enterprises are interested in. In addition, our experience is that LinkedIn sales representatives have the flexibility to get creative with any list (or Standard) pricing reflected on quotes.

Multiple Increases, Changes to LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing Keeps Customers on Their Toes

For the list pricing that is published, LinkedIn has been increasing it rather consistently. The standard (i.e., what’s published on their website) price for a yearlong prepaid subscription of Sales Navigator Teams has gone from $1,200 to $1,240 to $1,300 over the last few years, the most recent occurring in November 2021. In February of 2022, the pricing page was updated to reflect new editions for Sales Navigator, and yet another price increase.

Updates include:

  • Professional Edition was replaced with Core Edition. Pricing went from $780 to $960 per year.
  • Sales Navigator Teams was replaced with Advanced. Standard pricing went from $1,300 (it had been $1,240 as recently as April 2021) to $1,500.
  • Enterprise was replaced with Advanced Plus. According to NPI’s price benchmark data, pricing had been ~$1,600 at the lowest quantity. While LinkedIn doesn’t publish standard pricing for Advanced Plus, and NPI hasn’t encountered it yet in a client offer, we expect it to be $1,800+.

LinkedIn is not known to be a generous discounter, but it does have tiers and exhibit some flexibility. To ensure you’re receiving the best possible discount, you should push for SKU transparency on quotes and list pricing. Additionally, LinkedIn will often offer discounts for multi-year commitments. A word of caution, however – make sure your discount is being applied to the right SKU. A discount is only effective when it’s being applied to the right subscription at the right volume tier.

Negotiation Leverage and Pitfalls for Your Next LinkedIn Sales Navigator Purchase

Customers should leverage current pricing during negotiations as a means to counter the vendor’s recent price increases. If there’s sizable growth, consider broaching an early extension. But be ready for LinkedIn to swap in the new editions in the years being added.

We expect LinkedIn to leverage its price increases to make the case that customers should consider an ELA offering, such as its SSEP (Sales Solution Enterprise Program). In this case, LinkedIn will push for higher subscription commitments, but will offer more sizable discounts compared to a traditional renewal often through the inclusion of quantity buffers and other deal “sweeteners.”

You should also evaluate new features as part of your negotiation prep. The new editions align closely with their predecessors, but they’re not exact. Dropping from Enterprise to Advanced, or ensuring you move from Teams to Advanced (and not Advanced Plus), are two scenarios where rationalization between old and new editions translate into material cost savings.

If you’re looking for objective pricing and negotiation intel for an upcoming LinkedIn Sales Navigator purchase or renewal, NPI can help. Contact us to learn more.